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inktober day 10 story

by Aphrodite


9 months ago· 1 like


Inktober day 10: stories. This inktober is dedicated to reading lovers. It is my version of Pride and prejudice of Jane Austen, a beautiful novel with thousands of adaptations: sleeves, movies ... I have drawn this inktober in a quick plan since this morning my head hurts and I had to ink very fast so It has defects. I hope you don't mind. When I finish inktober it will be one of the ones I digitize and even color, improving the faults. Tomorrow's inktober will be simpler, in chibi style. “Vanity and pride are different things, although they are often used as synonyms. Pride is related to the opinion we have of ourselves; vanity, with what we want others to think about us. ” - Pride and prejudice (Jane Austen) -

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