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Runge Margavo - Early Design

by RieselUniverse


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Runge runs with one gun. One gun run Runge is fun. This is an old illustration of Runge Margavo, one of the two main characters of my science fiction e-book series, Riesel Tales: Two Hunters. He is a Sirukti (alien dingo folk) and works alongside fellow bounty hunter Ramy Dusotes on the run-down, city-covered criminal world of Riesel. He's egotistical, wise-cracking, and rude, but he's good at his profession regardless. He and Ramy are often at odds with one another, with him usually triggering the latter's intolerance for immaturity, but they still manage to get along. Drawn in pencil, colored in PS CS2. Further reading: Runge © Roystonn Pruitt/RieselUniverse

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