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Among Us Board Game

by YukioDaichi


11 months ago· 0 likes

Interface Design

Among Us is a board game styled around the concept of colonization and civilization. In this game, you and other players take the role of gods that have lost their power because no one remembers them. You need people to worship you to rise up again and to do that its time for some colonizing. This game takes players on a journey from gathering resources, devotee’s and money to trading, career jumping and producing goods for the glorious victory points. Determine what god you are based on your creativity and get to colonizing so that you can be on top again! Working on this game was a wonderful experience because I was able to not only be one of the main game designers to make the bare bones of the game but also to help with a ton of the designs such as the Mainboard, Player board, and Game cards. Though the game is still in development one day I would love to forget the rules and play it with an open mind. You can find more among us content here: HTTPS://

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