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Commission - Anthem Lane-200dpi

by melisaongmiqin


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CUSTOMER'S TITLE AND DESCRIPTION: Title: Anthem Lane Description: This is not a commentary on the quality of Anthem, which my PC is too potato to play anyway, merely a namesake joke. Guess EA hasn't made much inroads into the East Asian markets? AKA: Azur Lane but every starter is palette swap Javelin and the red one is extra thicc ------------------- ------------------- From the Old woman~ :3 Commissioned by . Thank you very much for your kind patronage and for the permission to post. Item 1 I keep thinking that "thicc" is a typo.... (* ̄△ ̄*) Item 2 ...all things considered.... I tried~ ( ̄ε ̄;) um... I hope that nobody feels offended in any way... um... if you do (feel offended), please let me know, I will remove this... orz sorry..... Tip-Jar for the old lady ヾ(*'▽'*) : Am available for Commissions. ( ) Prices are at the following:

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