Commission - David J-16-200dpi by melisaongmiqin - Commend Me!
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Commission - David J-16-200dpi

by melisaongmiqin


4 months ago· 0 likes


Commissioned by the very generous and very kind David J. Thank you so much~ ^.^ With gratitude for your patience, many kind words and permission to post~ *hearts* Featuring (from left to right): - Victory Belles Leningrad - Victory Belles USS Mississippi - Victory Belles USS Mahan (*without* her glasses! XD) - Victory Belles Gneisenau Never really drew Wedding dresses before~ *waggy tail~ waggy tail~* X3 So much White! So much sparkly~ old lady boogie~~ (ᗒᗨᗕ) Am available for Commissions. ( ) Tippy-Jar for the old woman (≧∀≦)/ :

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