Commission - David J-17-200dpi by melisaongmiqin - Commend Me!
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Commission - David J-17-200dpi

by melisaongmiqin


3 months ago· 1 like


Commissioned by the extremely kind and patient David J \(^o^)/ Thank you SO much!! With sincere appreciation (for letting me get away with this composition~ ;p ) your very encouraging replies and permission to post~ Featuring (from left to right): - Victory Belles Nagato - kind, considerate and dutiful; helping Leberecht Maass with her costume :) - Victory Belles Leberecht Maass - sweet and accommodating but often subject to bouts of poor luck >.<~ - Victory Belles Wichita - dodging the flying piece of string; has a *slight* obsession with popcorn~ :3 - Victory Belles Nenohi (Day of the Rat) - named after the first day of the traditional New Year; welcoming the season in her preferred manner! :D Happy SPRIONGggggg~~ everybody~~ X3 Am available for Commissions. ( ) Old lady Tippy-Jar (ᗒᗨᗕ)/ :

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