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Commission - Personakaga 5-200dpi

by melisaongmiqin


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CUSTOMER'S TITLE AND DESCRIPTION: Japanese Title: ペルソナ加賀5 English Title: Personakaga 5 Description: You never saw it coming~ Parody of Persona 5 official art with KC!Kaga as Ren holding a mask based on AL!Kaga's and Aircraft Carrier Demon as Arsene. Yes, I know the fox mask is Yuusuke's, not Ren's, and the blue colour scheme is P3's thing, but AL Akagi doesn't have a mask and I prefer the AC Demon to Kaga comparison over the Midway Princess to Akagi one, so *sunglasses* Deal With It. ------------------- ------------------- From the "Draw-er" (the Melisa) :3 Commissioned by . With gratitude for the business and permission to post. I have *no* idea what the Customer's description means, but I hope you guys like the drawing~ :3 Am available for Commissions. ( ) Prices are at the following: Or, if you can donate, .

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