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Commission - We still remember Turret T

by melisaongmiqin


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Commission - We still remember Turret Two-200dpi CUSTOMER'S TITLE AND DESCRIPTION: Title: We still remember Turret Two Description: On April 19 1989, during a misbegotten firing exercise, Iowa's second turret blew up, killing 47. 30 years later, the exact cause remains unknown, leaving only dust and echoes. After the main party of next of kin has left, the shipgirl comes to the Point bearing her name to pay respects to the fallen. 30 YEARS ON, WE STILL REMEMBER PRIZED AND MAINTAINED TO THE LAST ------------------- ------------------- From the Old woman~ Commissioned by . Thank you for the business and for permission to post. Was instructed specifically to upload on this date. As this incident and it's aftermath caused a considerable amount of grief to many people, *If anyone feels hurt or offended by the content portrayed in this image, Please let me know. I will remove the image at once. With sincere appreciation to all who choose to serve. Tip-Jar for the old woman: Am available for Commissions. ( ) Prices are at the following:

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