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I´m 48 years old and i´ve been illustrating professionaly for about 26 years now. Since 1992, here in Portugal. I´ve started as the art director for the first Portuguese Pc game that was created in my country between 92 and 95; created illustrations, greeting cards, designed posters, worked on comic books for school children, school books and also did a lot of software design working with visual content and layouts for hospitality software among many other areas while doing a lot of generic graphic design for other things in between.

Lately i´ve done a lot of children book work (and historical books), but what I really love the most is to create imaginary worlds and fantasy/sci-fi landscapes and I´m slowly moving into the concept art side of things still connected deeply to book illustration as that has always been my first love (since i saw the first image of the Ivory Tower in the Neverending Story movie) back in 1984 when I was 14 years old.
Outside of children (and history books) I don´t do much character work, simply because It´s not something that appeals to me at all ( I find character work boring to do, although I admire the work o lots of other artists that are masters at that).

What I love to do is to create environments, background scenery and imaginary landscapes and so i´m currently building my portfolio on that side of things, because finally I have a little time to work on that type of paintings outside my regular children book work.

As I mentioned at the begining, I was part of the team that created the first Portuguese PC video game that came out back in 1995 (Gambys) and for three years prior, I've designed the game characters; created hundreds of sprite animation (pixel by pixel on the old Deluxe Paint software long before Photoshop came along) and also modeled and made a few 3D rendered short films to include in the game; at a time where 3DStudio was just begining and was still in its 2.0DOS ve