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I'm a 3D Artist freelancer and a level designer.The passion for video games and 3d Art has been so great since I was a child that inspired and intrigued me so much that I decided to do a course of study and make it a profession. I attend the University Link Campus University / Vigamus Academy in Rome, first in Italy with a course of studies on the video game industry, which is preparing me and training at 360 degrees, with its great professors, expert professionals in the sector at an international level, on all the figures and specific skills that come into play in the gaming world, from development to marketing to journalism.
I am a very rational and logical great worker, but at the same time also creative and with an open mind. Another feature that I put on top is the curiosity to stay up to date and to further improve my skills, learn as much as possible and keep up with new tools and finally ready for future challenges. These qualities, even if opposed, help me in my work and study, together they give me an artistic vision but at the same time a rational design of the work.


Modeling Low poly and High poly (3 Years)
Texturing (1 Year)
Sculpting (1 Year)
Level Design (3 Years)


Maya (3 Years)
Zbrush (1 Year)
Substance Painter (1 Year)
Unity (2 Years)
UnrealEngine (3 Years)
Photoshop (1 Year)

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