Where is the staff?

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  • Sheherzad 2 months ago

    I had an issue where messages between a client and I disappeared. They stayed on his side, but vanished on mine when he hired me for the job. A second commission comfirmed the messages indeed disappeared as the new ones did the same. It took days for a staff member to get back and now its been two weeks and no response or a fix. I still have a notification to indicate there are messages to view yet I can never see them.   Based on the fact its been awhile since finally hearing back, the issue isn't getting fixed. 

    If we need help, will we not receive any? The site has little activity and now the creators aren't active.  Has anyone else encountered this problem or ones like it?

  • Azoruk 1 month ago

    Hey Sheherzad, sorry for the late reply.

    The issue was a technical one, but it is now fixed. Please contact support again if you have any other issues.

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