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  • KarmaKitty 9 months ago

    I love this site so far, it's unfortunate there are so few people right now. but the interface is very nice!

    I do have a few features that I would like to see!

    • Add existing images in your portfolio to a Gallery.
      • Currently, you have to delete and re-upload in order to move the already uploaded art to a gallery.
    • A voting system on job postings to tell whether or not the budget seems too low.
      • Sometimes I see job postings that want too much for too little. 10 drawings for only $20? Seems a bit ridiculous to me.
    • "A commission like this would cost about $xxx" sort of feature.
      • Each uploaded art could have a section that lists about how much it would cost to commission the artist for something similar to the uploaded art.
    • Also the text box for writing this thread post is way too low on the screen. Its uncomfortably cramped.
      • example its too low


    Those are just a few off the top of my head. If I think of anything else I'll be sure to post here OR elsewhere if there is somewhere else I should be sharing this.


  • Azoruk 9 months ago

    Hey KarmaKitty, thanks for the feedback and the kind words.

    The feature you mentioned of adding existing images to galleries is in the works. It's been on my to-do list for a while, but unfortunately that list is very long!

    As for job postings, that section of the site is meant to be somewhat of an open market, like craigslist and whatnot. So while I agree that artists should avoid being taken advantage of, I don't think it would be my place to try to regulate prices. I did set a minimum price for commissions ($10), however.

    For your third suggestion, I'm not too sure how I would implement such a feature. If you visit an artist's portfolio page there's the "Get a Quote" button. Perhaps adding a sub-forum for price quotes?

    Also that's really strange that your text box is so low. Mine looks fine. I'll include a picture. I tried it explorer, chrome, firefox, opera and safari and the text box is always in the correct spot. I'll try my best to replicate it and fix the issue!


  • Azoruk 9 months ago

    Hey. I added the ability to add existing images to galleries.

  • KGScribbles 9 months ago

    I do have one suggestion as well. 
    It would be nice if we could edit all of the aspects on our product listings and not just the dedsciption and pollicies. 
    I noticed a pricing mistake on one of my upgrades and in oder to change it I had to delete everything and then re-upload the product. (Also now it reads that I have 3 products, when I only have 2, I also couldn't use the exact same product name again, even after deleting)

    It would just be nice to be able to update the example pictures and prices if needed more easly.

    BTW I'm liking the site as well :3

  • Azoruk 8 months ago

    Hey KGScribbles,

    Changing prices on existing products isn't something I'd be comfortable adding right now, and there's a technical reason behind this. Basically, once someone buys a product a commission is created, and that commission page references that product for various information (price, title, details, etc.).

    This would allow potentially unscrupulous artists to change the price after the fact in an attempt to scam customers, claiming that didn't they receive the full payment payment.

    Maybe I'm overthinking things a bit, though! I could add price editing on products if enough people want it.


  • KarmaKitty 8 months ago

    Perhaps you could find a way to implement a way to require artists to send their customers invoices/receipts stating how much the commission is going to cost before they're paid. But if payments aren't processed through this site then I understand how this could be a problem.

    Maybe even a simple pop-up once you click "Get a Quote". One that reminds the customers to get an invoice/receipt to avoid scams. Invoices are handy when it comes to these things.


    I hope what I was trying to say makes sense!

  • KGScribbles 8 months ago

    Ok, I do see your point there. 
    The invoice method would be nice though.
    I use them when I do commissions through paypal. It makes sure that the price that the customer is being charged is the final price and the artist can't go back and say that they didn't pay all of it. It also protects the artist from fradulent claims from the customers saying that they paid when they really didn't or them trying to charge back their money even after they had gotten their finished commission.

  • KGScribbles 8 months ago

    I do have one more suggestion, it would be nice if we could edit the titles of our artworks that we upload to our galleries, without having to delete the work to change it.
    The EDIT function on forum comments doesn't seem to work either.

  • Kringle_c 6 months ago

    my suggestion is to make it possible to comment on other peoples comments. i dont know hard that will be to implement but its always good to be able to interact with your audience.


    just commenting on your own post would work well for now, but i think it might get a little hectic if this site picks up alot of traction.

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