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  • Azoruk 8 months ago

     Hey there! If you're reading this then thank you for taking a part in Commend Me!, I really appreciate it!

    About 2 and half years ago I started working on this site. The idea came to me when some friends and I were looking for an artist for an unrelated project, and it was rather difficult to find an artist who's style we wanted. There were some existing websites for art commission/freelance, but they seemed rather dated, and their processing fees were rather exorbitant.

    I figured I could do better. Why not create a general purpose website for professional artists? A modern one that didn't have expensive fees, and one where you could do more than just art commissions.

    This website is my first attempt at creating something "big", and boy did I severely underestimated how long creating a social-media-esque site would take.

    And while I'm super proud of what I've created, at this point I'm lost. The feedback I get from the site itself is positive, but I'm not seeing the user growth that I was hoping for.

    I end up in this cycle that goes something like:

    1. Release new feature
    2. Try to focus on getting people to use the site for a little while
    3. Still not seeing desired user growth
    4. Start working on a new feature in hopes that people start using the website more.


    The latest example of this would be the "products" section, where artists can post pre-made products, a feature I added recently that so far no one really uses.

    I tried to improve my SEO, and while my site shows up if you were to google "commend me", the important queries like "commission an artist" and such well... I don't appear at all in the first 10 pages. I also regularly post on social media (twitter/IG), and I advertise on google with a budget of $300/month.

    The website is now at a place where it doesn't need too much more development, so I can focus entirely on making the website grow.

    But to be frank, sometimes I have my doubts. Sometimes I think that art commissions are too niche, but then I think "almost every organization has a graphic designer, the demand is there". Heck, on fiverr art commissions are huge. I'm really out of my element when it comes to marketing. Maybe I'm doing something wrong on that front? Things like that.

    I'd really like feedback. Any kind, really.

    What do you think I could I do to improve user growth?

    Thanks for reading!

  • KGScribbles 8 months ago

    I don't know how you have been advertizing for the site, if you've been catering it more towards the artists or the potential customers, but if you think that there are enough artists for now on the site, you could start marketing to potential customers more. 
    That might get you more use from your products and your jobs section then.

    Also, I know that if there are jobs avaliable, people will come looking for them so artists are more likely to come on their own.

  • Azoruk 8 months ago

    Thanks for the response KGScribbles.

    I have been catering my advertising towards potential customers, but that only goes so far.

    What I'm focusing on right now is backlinks. Basically, the way your search engine ranking is sorted is by how many links there are on the internet pointing to your site (well, that's the tl;dr of it anyway, I'm sure their algorithms are very complex). This is why I ask artists to post a link to their Commend Me! portfolio on their social media.

    Hopefully I'll get somewhere with that!

  • Sheherzad 6 months ago

    One suggestion I offer is having an expiration for certain postings. Like a patron/employer sets a date for when they want their job to be completed. If no one answers the call after x number of days, a notice could be sent to the patron to renew or discontinue the posting. That way old jobs that weren't taken up (or at least on this site) or just left be behind can be removed so new artists don't waste their time on a old outdated job. A timer could be set so the job auto expires if no one picks it up in x days or the patrons is inactive. This might not be possible based on the websites design so I understand this may be mute. I've noticed a lack of activity at the moment and there are old job listings , that for the most part seem like are no longer being watched or may have been completed elsewhere and simply left up. 



  • Kringle_c 6 months ago

    i think you should focus more on advertizing to artists, big time. if you keep avertizing to potential customers without a good pool of active artists to chose from it’ll seem very unapealing from a market standpoint.


    also i dont think new features is a good way to try and make this community more active. like thats all good and dandy but it doesnt really change the basic way this community will interact with the site. a better way would be to try and make community oriented incentives, like badges. or site prompts. or maybe even just make the link to the forum more visible?? any way to encourage community interactivity, which will encourage more use of the site.

  • Matthewstitt49259 6 months ago


    This site is wonderful and I completely understand the issue with finding any sort of marketing online.  I have my own, not so awesome, site and I have given up marketing for now..lol

    One issue I see for artist is the old posts.. I'm actually working on a commission, just because its cool, but I think the user is long gone. 

    Any missed opportunities wil be hurtful for the site.  If a customer asked for a commission they are hoping an artist picks it up asap.  If an artist doesn't pick it up the customer will scoot.  That's one problem, I think the idea of removing expired posts is a good idea but it doesn't help retain the customer.  That customer will be hurt if the commission isn't picked up.

    For artists, I really think you need to expand on the forum.  We need a place to talk and call home.. if you can establish a core group of dedicated artist it will go a long way.

    I think the badges and activites are a good suggestion.  Maybe contests


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