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Date Posted: Feb 13, 2018

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Stellaris Portrait - Video Game 2D

I am looking to see one image converted into the design aesthetic of another game, to fit within the approximate dimensions of a second image pulled directly from the game in order to allow basic animations. First image was commissioned about a year ago and is relatively lower resolution compared to the images in the actual game. Actual game images are broken up into portions (eyes, mouth, ears if present) that are animated via Maya, however all that is required is to create the base image, I can handle the remaining conversion. This image is the basic template from Stellaris The image hopefully created will simply go on top of this one, fooling the game into animating it. This second image is what I would like to have converted. All of the portraits in Stellaris are upper body only and cut off at the waist. For further examples of portraits, please see the following. and Both are using the template principle of simply placing the new image on top of a preexisting species portrait, thus allowing the animations to carry over. Please let me know what other information would prove useful in this. I know this is a bit confusing, and I can help clarify.
Budget: $30.00

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