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Date Posted: Feb 13, 2018

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Would Like a Gaming Team Logo!

Hello artists of Commend Me! My name is Onyx and I have recently formed a League of Legends club called “LunaLight Spirits”. It’s in infancy right now but I’m looking for something a little extra, something that stands out amongst other team logos. So, this club was formed by me and a friend. He likes the idea of a logo and I am the one taking action to try and get a logo made so that we can use it for Discord chat rooms and potential avatars for Twitch and the like. Overall, I am not very picky, all that I’d ask for is something more than the Initials and name of the team as well as a few elements. 1: The Moon And/or Moonlight must be prominent. 2: The logo have both feminine and masculine aspects. Cause we have girls in the club. 3. Artistic, unique design. Something that I can’t throw together with a Font Generator. 4: Enough space for a player name ranging between 6 and 17 characters. 5: If possible, a 1920px width and a 1080px height resolution. I’ll gladly discuss budget (I can afford more than $10, that’s just a placeholder.)and ideas with anyone who is interested. Thank you!
Budget: $10.00

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