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Date Posted: Feb 14, 2018

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Album Cover Design for Rock Band

Hi there, my band The Dirty Fix has just finished recording an album and we are looking to have an album cover designed for it. Conceptually what we have in mind is an album cover with a portuguese man o'war (which is kind of like a weird type of jellyfish) on the cover, with it's tentacles kind of sprawling out and flowing across the front. The colour scheme for this cover should be consisting of blues/black/ some white and maybe a little green, specifically blue and black and a little white for the background, which can be a bubbling and splashing/chaotic kind of style . Our band name The Dirty Fix as well as the album name Chaos Rising should also be on the cover. The cover overall should have beauty in it as well as menace. The portuguese man o'war should be visible on the cover but not necessarily drawing to much away from the text. We had an artist begin to work on a cover but she didn't get very far, included is a sample of what she worked on (the picture with the text The Dirty Fix in it). The text of 'The Dirty Fix' and 'Chaos rising' in the picture provided is not necessarily how we want the font style or placement, just merely a place holder. Thank you, we look very forward to finding an artist interested in working this project.
Budget: $500.00

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