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6 months ago

Need someone to make dungeon maps for my DnD adventures.

I need someone to help me draw dungeon maps for my roll20 campaign. Budget is negotiable, based on how many maps you're willing to make, how big they are, etc.
Physical Shipping · United States of America
9 months ago

Fathers day gift

Hello :) this might be a bit complicated as I need a physical metal/wood (W2ftH3ft) sign with my fathers two motorcycles and himself in between them in a cartoon style with the words " Gifford's Garage" written above the artwork, all before June 17. I will provide photos of the motorcycles and my father for reference. Thank you to anyone interested in helping!
Digital Delivery
1 year ago

Graphite/Pencil style illustration

Hi, I'm looking for someone to do a pencil/graphite style portrait in this style: I'm putting together a set of educational posters and I'd like to have these portraits done of influential people such as Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr. etc. I would like to start off with one and then possibly do a set of 4-6. I want to use different elements about them that make up the art or things that they are known for just like the examples. I would need all the rights to the final illustration. I'd like to have it completed in about 6 weeks in a digital format.
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