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6 months ago

Board game board, already designed, need drawn.

e're looking for an artist to bring our board game design to life. We have a digital layout of where everything is going to go, and have all the tiles laid out. Going top left and clockwise, there are 6 sections to the board. We have a graveyard, a church, a library, a school, the woods, and the cornfield. In each corner there is a zone, and there is a carnival, an asylum, a motel and a campground. Each of the 6 sections will have their own color theme, so basically the area needs to be shaded that color, as it corresponds with the character color. In the center is the theater, the one on the box art. This all takes place in a town. The right side of the board (church, library, school) are inside the town, and the left (graveyard, woods, cornfield) are outside the town. Inside the town, we thought the spaces could be just sidewalk pieces, and outside we had stumps, holes in the ground and gravestones. We're open to changes for the spaces, as long as it looks cohesive. There are four paths going to the center, coming from each corner zone, and 7 spaces for each section. The corner zones would be at the corners of the board, as outside the rest of the sections as possible. For look, we want a style similar to the box art, because we want to make it as cohesive a style as possible. We're going for a top down, but with a bit of an isometric lean on the buildings so we know what each one is. If you're interested, we can get into contact, take a look at your portfolio, share our concept art and talk out more details!