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1 year ago

[Hiring] North Korean Poster-Style Artwork Needed

Hello artists, I'm a comedian from the UK looking for an artist to draw me a poster for my latest show. I'd like the aesthetic of a North Korean propaganda poster like these ones:…… but with me as the Korean dudes, I've got some ideas for small funny details. Ideally you'll be able to do all the lettering for me and include that in the image, if possible I'd like to have versions of the image I can use for web headers and profile images. These things are totally negotiable if you're a sick enough artist. There's also a little picture I'd like drawing for the back of the flyer but I'll give the full boring details to the artist I go with. Looking for an artist I can collab with, you're the art maker, I'm happy to listen to your instinct and I'll give you as much creative freedom as I can, I'd like you to enjoy making this. Please reply with rough prices (happy to accept DMs), I want to pay a fair rate to a fellow artist but I'm also broke so bear that in mind when you quote (although I paid the last guy I hired off here more than he asked for because it was too cheap because I'm a great guy ;) ) also samples of your work/links to portfolio thanks. I can offer no exposure, I hope money and credit is OK instead. Gonna need the project finishing before April 6th. Let me know if there's any more info you need. Thanks!
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