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Standard Anime Character Drawing

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Available Upgrades Price Extra Days
Add Color $3 0
Add Cell Shading $5 1
Add Detailed Shading $12 1
Add Background Element $15 1


  • 6 Days Estimated Completion
  • Digital Delivery Only


Get a cute and fun anime drawing of one of your OC's, yourself, or even your favorite character.

The base price gets you a line art drawing (which you are free to color in yourself if you would like)
See upgrades to add color and shading.

Upon ordering I will need:
- A good full body reference of the person or character you want drawn
- Are they wearing the outfit you want them to wear as well, if not I'll need an outfit reference
- What kind of expression/action do you want your character or person to be doing
- If you'd like a solid color background or if you'd prefer to leave it transparent

I will be sending you a sketch of the commission for your approval before I get started rendering anything. This is the best time to suggest changes to your drawing(s) if something is not looking how you were expecting.

Upon finishing the commission, you will receive a 300dpi PNG or JPG of your image.
The canvas size will be 8in x 10in

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


If I draw you something, you are allowed to use the artwork for your personal use only! This means that you are not allowed to redistribute, re-sell, modify, copy, trace, or claim the work as your own.

However, feel free to use it on your personal blog pages, print it out and hang it up in your house, show your friends, or put the art onto a T-shirt for you to wear only.

All I ask is that you please remember to give me credit and to not remove my watermark or signature.

I also retain the right to use these artworks in portfolios/e-portfolios to show people what I am capable of, or for any other business related purposes.

Let me know if you are interested in purchasing the commercial rights to the art you ordered. Commercial rights cannot be purchased for fan art unless you are the original IP owner. The price calculated is on a case by case basis.

Please remember that when you commission me to draw you something, I am providing you a service, not just an item, and I charge for the time it takes me to make you said item along with the materials. So when asking for a refund because of one reason or another, depending on how far I am into your project already, I will refund you the amount accordingly.

So say I am still in the beginning sketching stages of the project, I will refund you the entire amount (minus supplies) if you decide you can't afford the commission.

If I am about half way through the project, I will refund you half.

If I am completely finished but haven't sent you the art work yet, I will refund you 1/4 of the amount.

If I am completely finished and have sent you the final drawing, a refund is no longer possible. I am willing to make small changes or fix small mistakes at this time for no extra pay, but that is all.

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Art by KGScribbles